how will they remember
this moment?

Charles' five year-old son is becoming less coherent by the minute. A tiny wasp sting and his airway is constricting. He’s scared.

Your team has the tools and training to stabilize the patient. But how will Charles and his son remember them?

EMS Survey Team collects and measures the quality of both patient experiences and employee engagement, to provide actionable data for EMS leaders. Celebrate your agency's success, identify opportunities for improvement, and drive growth with real data.

Easy and Accurate:
Patient Experience Survey
EMS patient experience survey collection,
reporting & benchmarking

EMS Survey Team enables EMS agencies to analyze Patient Experiences by measuring satisfaction, and benchmarking services against other providers in the industry, for both CAAS accredited and non-CAAS accredited agencies.

Easy and Accurate:
Secure, online employee engagement survey collection, analysis, and reporting

Highly engaged employees interact with patients more positively and enhance the patient experience with your organization.

EMS is healthcare. The healthcare system and its payers have developed Value-Based Purchasing standards for externally conducted patient experience scores as a basis for reimbursement. Externally conducted patient experience surveys such as the survey available through the EMS Survey Team will be invaluable for our profession to demonstrate that the patients we serve are satisfied with the services we deliver to them.
Matt Zavadsky
Chief Strategic Integration Officer
Med Star Mobile Healthcare
Ft. Worth, TX

Measuring patient satisfaction in a vacuum doesn't give you enough data to know if your success metrics are enough. If you have an 80% approval rating but the national average is a 90% approval rating your results may be misleading. EMS Survey Team provides concrete, statistically reliable answers by comparing your results to a national benchmark of EMS Agency performace from agencies in 25 states.

The EMS Survey Team database houses benchmarked performance data for over 350,000 patient experience and it grows daily as our clients add patient records, from 95 EMS Agencies in 25 states.

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