Patient Experience Scores, Top Box, and Percentiles – Webcast Q&A

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The following Q&A is a follow-up to our recent Webcast, “Patient Experience Scores, Top Box & Percentiles: How To Use Metrics for Measuring, Reporting and Goal Setting.”

If you’re actively surveying or considering survey options, this post is a must read.

What happens if the response is left blank on the survey by accident. Does that count against the overall score?

No, the value is not included in the mean score calculation.

What methods do you use to gather information?

We offer 3 survey methodologies:

  •         Mail
  •         Telephone
  •         Web-based

How did Jared develop and implement the key messaging component?

Jared and his team worked together to explain the key elements of messaging.  The point of developing key messaging is to convey the right message, at the right time, for the right reason and outcome.  

He encouraged his highest performing crew members to share their successful communication strategies.  For example, since the survey asks the patients about their comfort, a key message or script may be “We want you to be as comfortable as possible, we are going to _____________ to make you more comfortable.“  

If you would, please suggest strategies to garner Leadership support.

To advance the patient experience, EMS agencies must understand their patient needs and address targeted opportunities within their communities. We provide an opportunity to capture your patient’s voice.

As mentioned in the webinar, the value-based purchasing model CMS is advancing requires patient experience surveys. We can help your agency be prepared for this eventuality. We have a number of clients who would be willing to talk with you about their organizational success stories directly related to the implementation of surveying their patients.

At EMS Survey Team, we focus our efforts on providing an efficient survey process system with minimal work load added to your team members, while maintaining the highest standards of data security and HIPAA compliance. We provide unbiased survey methods with the highest quality of data integrity in addition to robust benchmarking and performance insights relative to industry peer groups.

How do you get patient compliance so high?

Several factors impact response rates. We would be happy to talk with you about the best survey method for your organization. One approach we recommend is for Medics to inform the patient or family during their encounter that they may receive a survey regarding their ambulance experience. It provides added value for the Medic to share how improvements based on patient feedback information have positively impacted their agency.

How will surveys impact reimbursement (I realize that’s a big question)?

If CMS follows suit with the current CAHPS family of surveys, a portion of your Medicare reimbursement will be impacted by your patient experiences survey scores. More information about existing CAHPS surveys can be found at:

How many customers are in the database? What size and geographies are included?

We have a total of 110 EMS Ground Transportation agencies, 3 Air Transport agencies, and 3 Mobile Integrated Healthcare Response agencies.  We are active in 33 states and have a wide range of organizational sizes and structures.

What is your response percentage of those transported vs. those that actually respond?

Our mail survey response ranges from 18-20% each month.  This is slightly higher than industry average.  Demographics may play a role in each organization’s response rate.

Follow up to survey question – what’s the timing of when surveys go out to patients? Also, what’s your response rate for the 4-questions postcard surveys?

Surveys are sent out within 48 hours after receipt of the patient encounter files.

The postcard surveys are an independent survey conducted by MCHD.

Is the data from the “on the spot” postcards combined with EMS Survey; or are they handled differently?

The postcard is conducted independently by MCHD. Data from these postcard inquiries are not included in the EMS Survey Team database.

About EMS Survey Team

EMS Survey Team collects and measures the quality of both patient experiences and employee engagement, to provide actionable data for EMS leaders. Learn more about our survey solutions here.

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