EMS Week 2018: Stronger Together

This year marks the 44th EMS Week celebration for our industry. EMS Week was first authorized on November 4, 1974, by President Gerald R. Ford. When I began my EMS career in 1992 the theme for EMS Week was “It Starts With You.” Poignant indeed since I was starting out.   Many themes for this vital week have been inspirational but this year’s, “Stronger Together” made me reflect on our industry and my career as a pre-hospital provider for the past 25 plus years. The themes over the past several years have morphed from an operations mantra to one of

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Justin Reed talks about the relationship between patient experience scores and employee engagement.

Assistant Chief Justin Reed from Cy Fair Volunteer Ambulance Service talks about improving overall patient experience ratings by engaging employee feedback sessions with management. According to his findings lower patient experience scores become an early predictor of employee engagement and create a path for early intervention to invest in employees and help them succeed. Assistant Chief Justin Reed is Committee Chair to the National EMS Management Association’s Quality and Performance Improvement Committee, and Cy Fair Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services.

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Why Do Top Box Scores Matter in the EMS Industry?

Patient Experience Scores, Top Box, and Percentiles:How to Use Metrics for Measuring, Reporting and Goal Setting Webcast Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS)  In honor of National EMS Week, EMS Survey Team (EMSST) joined JEMS for a webcast that covered the importance of patient experience scores, and top box analysis scores. In this post we will explore one of the patient experience survey metrics – top box scores – and how this metric is useful in patient survey data analysis.   What is a Top Box Score? The sum of percentages for the highest possible rating on a customer satisfaction survey.

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Recent Changes to Value Based Payment in the Healthcare Industry Foreshadow Change for EMS

The spring issue of National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians News just published  THE BENEFITS OF BEING NICE: Exploring the role of the patient experience in the EMS transformation. In this article, Bobby J. Hopewell (President and CEO of Mobile Health Resources and EMS Survey Team) and Matt Zavadsky (Public Affairs Director for MedStar Mobile Healthcare and a Director-at-Large on NAEMT Board of Directors) explore how CMS and payers are driving changes that will soon impact the EMS industry. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has recently implemented performance bonuses and penalties based on patient experience scores for physicians,

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