EMS Survey Team and REMSA Partner to Evaluate ET3 Model

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EMS Survey Team has partnered with REMSA, the ground emergency medical services provider for Washoe County, Nevada, and one of the most recognized high-performance EMS systems in the nation, to implement a new initiative to reduce the unnecessary use of emergency healthcare services. Known as the ET3 (Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport) Model, the program provides alternative forms of care for patients who call 911.


Under ET3, paramedics and EMTs may recommend that patients be transported to a hospital emergency department, primary care office, urgent care clinic, or community mental health center for medical care. Patients still have the option to choose the location they are transported to if they are able, but when treatment can be given at the scene of the emergency response or via telehealth at home, EMTs will let patients know that they are eligible.


This saves patients valuable time, not to mention the high costs associated with emergency room visits and ambulance transports. Ultimately, the ET3 Model aims to provide the best care for patients at the right time and place.


To measure the program’s efficacy and track the patient experience for REMSA, EMS Survey Team is creating a survey for patients who receive care through the ET3 Model. Firsthand patient input on the new care experience will show whether ET3 is a viable option for other emergency healthcare providers in the U.S., allowing more people to receive the best level of care possible.


For more information visit:

https://www.remsahealth.com/news/et3/ and https://innovation.cms.gov/innovation-models/et3 or contact Robert Farrell, Director of Customer Experience, EMS Survey Team

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