What’s one way MedStar Mobile Healthcare’s Chief Strategic Integration Officer, Matt Zavadsky, uses his team’s patient experience survey scores? He highlights them online. “We have an entire section of our website dedicated to patient experience scores. We know it’s important to many of our stakeholders.”

Matt Zavadsky

Chief strategic integration officer
Medstar mobile healthcare

What’s the secret to happier patients? EMS Chief Justin Reed believes it’s using PX survey data to improve service across the board. He leverages patient feedback to boost his team’s collaboration and invests in educating his employees. The result? Better customer satisfaction.

Justin Reed

EMS Chief
CY-Fair volunteer Fire Department

Honest words from Scott Dorsey, Deputy Chief/EMS: “We’d say we were a good fire department. We felt like we were a good fire department. But we didn’t really know we were a good fire department.”

Scott Dorsey

deputy chief / ems
snohomish fire district 7