Everything You Need to Know About EMS Patient Experiences

Patient experience surveys provide a window into your EMS agency operations. Here are a few ways to elevate your service and survey scores   Creating a positive patient experience is a cornerstone of the services EMS providers offer and a major contributor to their continued success. After all, most people don’t call emergency medical services more than once in their lifetime. And since it’s usually an emotional event, EMS providers can significantly impact the overall experience.   However, it can be a challenge for EMS providers to get actionable data that clarifies the patient experience. That’s where EMS Survey Team can help.

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EMS World 2018 Salary Survey Results Released

We were honored to support EMS World in producing their first industry salary survey, reaching 2,200 US EMS workers with an average pay of $22.57 per hour. The survey also identified that EMS workers are largely satisfied with the salaries they are currently receiving. And provides some valuable benchmarking data for both medics and Administrators to have a clearer picture of competitive salary rates state by state. And across education levels. Explore the Salary Survey results here:  

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EMS WEEK 2018 Industry Spotlight: Chris Watanabe

As we come to the end of EMS Week 2018 we wanted to spotlight a leader in EMS that inspires us. With a degree in medical records health information and experience in Health Information Management Chris Watanabe understands medical reimbursement across the entire healthcare spectrum. Her 38 years experience in healthcare information management, computer systems, and processes improvement helped REMSA expand to include Community Health and Rural medicine. While shortening the revenue cycle to half the national average DSO. We had a chance to chat with Chris and she shared some great insights on being a first in many stages

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EMS Week 2018: Stronger Together

This year marks the 44th EMS Week celebration for our industry. EMS Week was first authorized on November 4, 1974, by President Gerald R. Ford. When I began my EMS career in 1992 the theme for EMS Week was “It Starts With You.” Poignant indeed since I was starting out.   Many themes for this vital week have been inspirational but this year’s, “Stronger Together” made me reflect on our industry and my career as a pre-hospital provider for the past 25 plus years. The themes over the past several years have morphed from an operations mantra to one of

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Justin Reed talks about the relationship between patient experience scores and employee engagement.

Assistant Chief Justin Reed from Cy Fair Volunteer Ambulance Service talks about improving overall patient experience ratings by engaging employee feedback sessions with management. According to his findings lower patient experience scores become an early predictor of employee engagement and create a path for early intervention to invest in employees and help them succeed. Assistant Chief Justin Reed is Committee Chair to the National EMS Management Association’s Quality and Performance Improvement Committee, and Cy Fair Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services.

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