Freedom House Ambulance: The First Paramedic and EMT Service

Many of us are not aware of where and when EMS officially began in the US.   During Black History Month, we would like to remind you that modern day EMS came from the amazing work of Freedom House.  Every EMS education program and instructor should educate all future providers about our amazing industry’s birth and legacy.  Let’s learn and celebrate our history.  

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EMS Trend Survey 2022

Take the Survey Dear Friends, EMS has historically fulfilled the needs of the communities they serve for decades. Never has this been more true than during the last 3 years. The challenges that EMS face is only accelerating, making the need for data and analytics more valuable than ever. EMS Survey Team is proud to partner with Fitch & Associates, EMS1, and the National EMS Management Association in providing you with the 2022 EMS Trend Survey. We encourage you to participate and help in sharing the survey with your organization and providers at all levels. From Medical Directors to field providers, the feedback we receive

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4 Actions to Improve EMS Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Building a strong workplace culture and making your employees feel valued and appreciated, not only benefits the employee, but the team and organization as a whole.   View the link below to see how these actions can be used to positively improve employee engagement and satisfaction by demonstrating value and appreciation.  

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Pinnacle Webinar Series: EMS, we’ve got major issues:

A discussion of the 2021 EMS Trend Report’s findings and strategies to combat the major issues facing EMS as reported by field providers and leaders.   MHR/EMSST worked closely with Fitch and Associates along with EMS1 to bring you the 2021 EMS Trend Report.  Please join our team and partners in viewing this webinar.  

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Leadership, Advancement…Trends

EMS Survey Team is committed to being a great partner for our clients as well as an asset to the EMS industry as a whole.  That’s why it was an honor to work with @Ask_Fitch and @ems1 to bring our experience in survey and data analysis to the EMS Trend report.   We had the opportunity to dive into the EMS Trend Report through the lens of Employee Engagement.  This article highlights a number of key findings.   A Tale of Two Trends Parallel findings in EMS survey data elevate leadership and career advancement as essential to employee engagement   Nov 18, 2021 By

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