How EMS Survey Team Took St. Charles County Ambulance District to the Next Level

ABOUT ST. CHARLES COUNTY AMBULANCE DISTRICT St. Charles County Ambulance District, or SCCAD, is the largest district in Missouri, covering 592 square miles and serving more than 400,000 residents. It has grown exponentially over its 45-year history, responding to about 45,000 calls for service in 2019. In addition to the traditional emergency response, SCCAD performs nonemergency transfers and mobile integrated health services. It has recently developed a robust telemedicine program to assist patients who do not need to visit the ER by connecting patients with trained clinicians and counselors from the scene. As a third-service EMS agency, SCCAD is dedicated

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How to Administer Patient Experience Surveys and Find the Best Method for Your EMS Agency

As patient experience becomes an ever more important component to EMS agencies’ operations, an increasing number of decisions are being based on data, particularly patient feedback data. Most providers choose to capture this feedback via patient experience surveys in one of three ways: mail, text, or email.   Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss here.   Traditional Methods to Capture Patient Experience Feedback   Mail The majority of patients using EMS systems are older adults, and the general consensus is that this population is more comfortable using mail (i.e., paper) to provide feedback on

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EMS Survey Team and REMSA Partner to Evaluate ET3 Model

EMS Survey Team has partnered with REMSA, the ground emergency medical services provider for Washoe County, Nevada, and one of the most recognized high-performance EMS systems in the nation, to implement a new initiative to reduce the unnecessary use of emergency healthcare services. Known as the ET3 (Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport) Model, the program provides alternative forms of care for patients who call 911.   Under ET3, paramedics and EMTs may recommend that patients be transported to a hospital emergency department, primary care office, urgent care clinic, or community mental health center for medical care. Patients still have the

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She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not…Patient Experience Feedback Can Reveal What EMS Patients Are Thinking and Why

Patient experience feedback is a performance metric that continues to be overlooked by most EMS agencies. Without it, industry leaders are unable to fully determine how organizational members are interacting with patients, what aspects of the services provided need improvement, and most importantly, how patients feel about their experience with individuals who represent your organization.   Patient experience data offers insights into the patient’s perception of care. Through a combination of numeric scores and patient comments, a picture comes together to make the overall patient experience clearer. Quantifying patient experiences results in actionable data that drive decisions. Qualifying patient experiences allows you to

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Everything You Need to Know About EMS Patient Experiences

Patient experience surveys provide a window into your EMS agency operations. Here are a few ways to elevate your service and survey scores   Creating a positive patient experience is a cornerstone of the services EMS providers offer and a major contributor to their continued success. After all, most people don’t call emergency medical services more than once in their lifetime. And since it’s usually an emotional event, EMS providers can significantly impact the overall experience.   However, it can be a challenge for EMS providers to get actionable data that clarifies the patient experience. That’s where EMS Survey Team can help.

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