Snohomish FD7 Was Surprised by Good News…

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“When we started getting benchmarked patient experience data we learned we were doing a great job!”

We chatted with Chief Dorsey and he shared some of the insights Snohomish Fire Department has used to drive growth with the EMS Survey Team PX data. Just a few years later he’s leveraging press to share that his team is one o the highest ranked in the country for EMS Patient Experience. Great job Scott!

Are your PX scores good… or great?

Benchmarked patient experience data from the largest EMS patient experience database in the nation will help you know exactly how good your good scores are.

Download Our Free 2019 PX Trend Report Infographic

See the data you need to rate your agency’s PX scores as compared to the rest of the nation. The guide includes an up to date snapshot of the current Benchmark overall PX rankings that you can use right now,

  • Communicate your performance vs. benchmarks
  • Support operational decision making
  • Inform municipal leaders and stakeholders

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